Construction Phase

The Larrakia Cultural Centre site demolition works commenced on 24 November 2022. Larrakia Development Corporation staff, contractors and stakeholders were welcomed to the site with a Smoking Ceremony conducted by Tony and Trent Lee.

The scope of works included demolition of the existing building, removal of redundant underground services and removal of all hard and soft landscaping. Demolition works were completed February 2023, and site preparation for construction will commence shortly thereafter.

The demolition works were undertaken by local Darwin company NTEX and were funded through the Northern Territory Government. NTEX and their subcontractors were tasked with achieving 30% Aboriginal employment on this project, but actually achieved 53% during their project works. To help achieve this target Aboriginal training organisation Grassroots Youth Engagement  worked with NTEX to provide employment and training opportunities for local Aboriginal youth. NTEX was also assisted on the project by Larrakia consultant Tony Lee.

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