About Us

The Larrakia people are the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters in and surrounding Darwin, including Darwin Harbour. The Larrakia are ‘saltwater people’ and consist of nine family groups, with over 2,600 people living in and around Darwin. For over 20 years, Larrakia people have pursued plans for a cultural centre and have now secured funding to develop the Larrakia Cultural Centre at the Darwin Waterfront, adjacent to the Stokes Hill sacred site.

Our logo and building design evokes a Larrakia ancestral being, a bird in flight, protecting the land and the people. Much like the Larrakia Cultural Centre whose vision is to preserve and protect the Larrakia culture, language, arts and traditions for future generations. Culture is at the core of the Larrakia Cultural Centre business model, and we will be sharing Larrakia culture with visitors from around the World through art, language, story-telling, ceremonies and protocols.

The Larrakia Cultural Centre will be owned and governed by Larrakia for future generations, providing employment, business and income opportunities and is a project of the Larrakia Development Corporation.


A living Larrakia culture for all Larrakia People now and for future generations.


The Larrakia Cultural Centre is a place for Larrakia people to share, celebrate and showcase Larrakia Country, Language, Culture and Knowledge with the World.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Share and celebrate
We will showcase Larrakia culture and history to the world and ensure equitable representation of all Larrakia families.

2. Education
We will enhance the ability of the Larrakia people to continue caring for the land and sea.

3. Sustainable
We will be economically sustainable and foster the economic independence of Larrakia people.

4. Conserve and continue
We will maintain Larrakia culture for future generations.

5. Connected
We will maintain existing links and build new relationships with other First Nations people in the region and the world.

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