The Larrakia Cultural Centre’s supporters page recognises the generous support it has received from various organisations, businesses and community members. Keep checking out this page for updates.

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“The LCC is a Lighthouse project and should be given every available opportunity to be realised.”

Shaun Pearce, CEO
Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation

“The Larrakia people's culture and heritage is a vital part of the Top End's tourism industry and having a dedicated space that promotes their language, history and stories located in the CBD is strongly supported by Hospitality NT.”

Alex Bruce, CEO
Hospitality NT

"I know that for the Larrakia, allowing the LDC to expediate the development of the Larrakia Cultural Centre will represent a positive long-term investment in cultural and economic sustainability that benefits all Territorians."

Richard McAllister, President Northern Division
Engineers Australia

"We have been strong supporters of this project ever since the very earliest days when the original Darwin Waterfront project was being developed. We believed then, and still do, that it would be an important addition to Darwins' social infrastructure and cultural fabric..."

Dave Malone, CEO
Master Builders NT

"To secure long term investment for the site there must be an assurance that the LCC is managed and run by a corporation with a robust commercial history and practice. The LDC, its people, systems, processes and mandate under the LDT fit that bill."

Raquel Nicholls-Skene, Executive Director
Australian Institute of Architects NT

"The concept of the LCC aligns with INPEX's aspiration to not only protect the cultural heritage of the Larrakia people, but assist in maintaining and promoting their language, history and stories for future generations."

Bill Townsend, Vice President Corporate

"Having the Larrakia Cultural Centre located at the Darwin Waterfront will be a tremendous asset to the precinct and a fantastic opportunity for conference delegates to experience the heritage and history of this land."

Peter Savoff, General Manager
Darwin Convention Centre

"The LCC will contribute significantly to creating sustainable employment and economic development opportunities for Larrakia and other Territorians. As we see it, the cultural centre would benefit revitalising the Darwin CBD and attracting additional tourists to the Northern Territory. It will promote the Aboriginal heritage of Darwin and attract additional tourists who are looking for a genuine experience."

Sonia Harvey, CEO
Energy Club NT

"The LCC has the potential to contribute significantly to sustainable employment and economic outcomes for Larrakia and other Territorians. In addition, it can revitalise the Darwin CBD and attract more tourists to the region."

Djambawa Marawili AM, Chair

"As it is new offering to the Waterfront area, we are excited it will promote the Aboriginal heritage of Darwin and attract additional tourists who are looking for a genuine experience."

Darren Lynch, Director
Wharf One