Caroline Busch

Caroline is a Larrakia woman from her mother and is part of the Shepherd family, and her father has family ties to Tiwi Island.

Caroline has worked at Catholic Care for over 16 years in the Human Resources department as the Cultural Development Coordinator. She inducts all new staff across the regions within Catholic Care and has developed a family toolkit that is utilised within remote communities.

Caroline is proud to be part of the Larrakia Cultural Centre Working Group.

“It is a great achievement for the Larrakia people to finally celebrate the Larrakia Cultural Centre. When we talk about history, we must not forget the struggles and journey of our Elders. Our Elders are the strong roots of our people, they have done the hard work to teach, grow and nourish our generation and those to come. Their commitment can now be proudly showcased and celebrated in our Centre. I am proud to be part of the Working Group.”