Joe Raymond

Joe Raymond

Joe has been involved in the LCC project since 2018. Joe worked with the original designers to create artworks used during the concept design phase. One of those art pieces inspired the LCC logo.

Joe is a prominent Larrakia artist who provides large Scale art and public works for the Darwin region.

Joe has worked on a number of highly public Welcome to Country art pieces for organisations, including Lyons Community Centre, the 2018 Operation Pitch Black, the Darwin Railway Terminal and Darwin International Airport.

Joe’s works can also be found on the Casuarina Foreshore on the historical information boards on the walks to Lee Point.

Joe was a tour guide for a locally owned Aboriginal Tour Operator, where he provided cultural awareness and insight as part of the tour.

“I have been involved since 2018 and was honoured to create the original paintings that now form the LCC logo. I am honoured to finally have my ancestral country recognised and respected through the Larrakia Cultural Centre for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.”