6 July 2022 – Promoting the Larrakia story

The Larrakia Cultural Centre (LCC) when built, will be a physical celebration of Larrakia history, culture, places, language and families. It is therefore LDC’s intent to engage with all Larrakia to gather stories of interest to include in the LCC… read more …

8 March 2022 – Positive developments towards the LCC’s actualisation

Last week the LDC kicked off works on the future Larrakia Cultural Centre (LCC) site located at Stokes Hill, thanks to environmental consultant’s SLR. SLR was engaged by LDC to undertake an investigation into the conditions of the site of the LCC… read more …

10 November 2021 – Larrakia Cultural Centre progressing for the long term

The LDC achieved another milestone in its progress of the Larrakia Cultural Centre (LCC) last week. The design team of Rossi Architects and Susan Dugdale & Associates presented the 50% design milestone to the LCC Larrakia Working Group… read more …

20 August 2021 – Larrakia Stories for the LCC

As the Larrakia Cultural Centre (LCC) continues to develop, the Larrakia Development Corporation (LDC) continues to broaden its conversations with Larrakia families and the community… read more …

9 August 2021 – The Larrakia Cultural Centre being brought to life by the LDC

The Larrakia Development Corporation (LDC) is pleased with progress on the detailed design for the Larrakia Cultural Centre (LCC) which has now reached the 30% completion milestone… read more …

9 July 2021 – The Larrakia Cultural Centre being brought to life by the LDC

The Larrakia Development Corporation (LDC) is progressing the development of the Larrakia Culture Centre (LCC), achieving another design milestone… read more →

4 May 2021 – Site works are underway for LCC!

As the LDC team continue to work with the Larrakia Working Group and design team to finalise the Larrakia Cultural Centre’s (LCC) detailed design, we are excited to announce that works have started on site… read more →

19 February 2021 – Call out to all Larrakia Artists!

The LDC continues to progress the Larrakia Cultural Centre’s design phase with a call out to all Larrakia artists for a chance to showcase their talent in the design of the nationally significant development. Larrakia language, history and culture will be celebrated and shared with the world through the Larrakia Cultural Centre (LCC)… read more →

3 February 2021 – The LCC Detailed Design awarded, and it is staying local

After the finalisation of a lengthy assessment process, the Larrakia Development Corporation (LDC) is pleased to announce the engagement of Rossi Architects in collaboration with Susan Dugdale and Associates supported by a local team to undertake the Detailed Design phase of the Larrakia Cultural Centre (LCC)… read more →

23 November 2020 – LDC progressing the LCC for the Territory’s future

The LDC has taken another significant step in the progress of its Larrakia Cultural Centre Development, with the engagement of a Project Manager to oversee the LCC’s build over the coming years. With over 30 applications the LDC sought to employ a Project Manager with experience in the design and project management of multi-disciplinary iconic buildings in the NT and Australia… read more →

19 October 2020 – LDC and the LCC delivering for the Territory

The LDC is pleased to announce it has made another step in the development of the Larrakia Cultural Centre (LCC) with five Architectural and Engineering teams progressing to the Request for Tender stage. The successful applicants were selected from 20 Expression of Interest submissions from Interstate and NT based Architectural and Design firms. The LDC was impressed with the Expression of Interest submissions it received, and appreicates the time, interest and effort that all applicants put into their submissions… read more →